1.- Definitions

The Publisher: jYANN company which owns the website.

The Website: the entire website, Internet pages and online services offered by the Publisher.

The User: the person, natural person or legal entity using the Website and its services, within the framework of the General Conditions of Use (CGU) of the Website and the general conditions of sale relating to it (CGV), to which this present refers. privacy policy for certain matters discussed below.

2.- Use of personal informations 

As part of the use of the Website and its activity, the Publisher may collect the following categories of data concerning its Users: civil status, identity, identification data, connection data, number RC, telephone and/or fax number, e-mail address, ….

Their treatment is the subject of particular attention, with optimal security and protection by the Publisher.

3.- Consent of the User to the collection of its data

The Publisher allows the User to give or not his consent to the collection of data.

It is also specified that the User has the right to rectify his personal data, at any time on request.

4.- Communication of personal data to third party

The data is not subject to any communication to third party. The User is however informed that they may be disclosed pursuant to a law, regulation or pursuant to a decision of a competent regulatory or judicial authority.

5.- Prior information for the communication of personal data to other parties in case of merger / absorption

In the case of a merger, acquisition or any other form of transfer of assets, the confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed and the User is informed before they are transferred or when they are subject to new rules of confidentiality.

6.- Reuse of personal data collected

The reuse of personal data can be carried out for:

– carrying out operations relating to the management of customer files concerning contracts, orders, deliveries, invoices, accounting and in particular the management of customer accounts;

– the possible implementation of a loyalty program within one or more legal entities of the Publisher;

– monitoring customer relations such as conducting satisfaction surveys, managing complaints and managing after-sales service;

– carry out operations relating to commercial prospecting, the management of technical prospecting operations (which notably includes technical operations such as standardization, enrichment and deduplication);

– the carrying out of solicitation operations, the development of commercial statistics, the updating of prospecting files by the organization in charge of managing the list of opposition to canvassing;

– the organization of contests, lotteries or any promotional operation, excluding online gambling and games of chance subject to the approval of the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority;

– the management of requests for the right of access, rectification and opposition for the data collected;

– the management of customer opinions on products, services or content on the Site.

7.- Data aggregation

The Publisher may publish, disclose and use aggregate information (information relating to all of its Users or to specific groups or categories of Users which are combined anonymously in such a way that an individual User can no longer be identified or mentioned) and non-personal information for industry and market analysis, demographic profiling, promotional, advertising and other business purposes.

If the user connects his account to an account of another service in order to make cross-mailings, the said service may communicate to the Publisher the profile and connection information, as well as any other information for which the user has authorized the disclosure.

The Publisher may aggregate information relating to all its other Users, groups, accounts, personal data available, information relating to navigation on the service (the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) that the ‘Editor will be able to read on subsequent visits by the user.

8.- User’s right to refuse cookies

The user acknowledges having been informed that the Publisher may use cookies. If the User does not want cookies to be used, most browsers allow him to disable cookies through the setting options.

9.- Retention of technical data

The technical data is kept for the duration strictly necessary for the achievement of the purposes referred above in the context of the activity of the Website.

10.- Period of retention of personal data and anonymization

In accordance with the law of February 18, 2009 n°09-08 relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, the personal data subject to processing are not kept at the – beyond the time necessary for the performance of the obligations defined at the conclusion of the contract or the predefined duration of the contract.

11.- Retention of anonymized data beyond the deletion of the account

Personal data is kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes described in the CGU. Beyond this period, they will be anonymized and kept for exclusively statistical purposes and will not give rise to any exploitation of any type.

12.- Data deletion after account deletion

Means of purging data are put in place in order to provide for their effective deletion as soon as the retention or archiving period necessary for the fulfillment of the determined or imposed purposes has been reached.

In accordance with the law of February 18, 2009 n°09-08 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, the User also has a right to delete his data which he can exercise at any time by contacting the Publisher by email: hello@jyann.com.

13.- Account deletion on-demand

The User has the possibility to delete his Account at any time, by simple request to the Publisher or by the Account deletion menu present in the Account settings.

14.- Deletion of the account in case of violation of the CGU

If the User violates one or more provisions of the CGU or of any other document, the Publisher reserves the right to terminate or restrict without any prior warning and at its sole discretion, the use of and access to the services, the account and the Website.

15.- Indications and notifications when a security breach occurs

The Publisher undertakes to implement all appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee a level of security adapted to the risks of accidental, unauthorized or illegal access, disclosure, alteration, loss or even destruction of personal data concerning the User.

In the event that the Publisher becomes aware of illegal access to personal data stored on the Publisher’s servers or those of its service providers, or of unauthorized access resulting in the realization of the risks identified above, The Publisher undertakes to:

– notify the User of the incident as soon as possible;

– examine the causes of the incident and inform the User;

– take the necessary measures within reason to reduce the negative effects and damage that may result from said incident.

16.- Limitation of responsibility 

Under no circumstances can the commitments defined in the point above relating to notification in the event of a security breach be assimilated to any acknowledgment of fault or liability on the part of the publisher as to the occurrence of the incident.

17.- Transfer of personal data

The Publisher undertakes not to transfer the personal data of its Users.

18.- Modification of the CGU and the privacy policy

If the CGU and the privacy policy change, the Publisher undertakes not to lower the level of confidentiality substantially without first informing Users and obtaining their consent.

19.- Data portability

The Publisher undertakes to offer the User the possibility of having all the data concerning him returned on simple request. The User is thus guaranteed better control of his data, and retains the possibility of reusing it. This data should be provided in an open and easily reusable format.

20.- Informations about cookies

You can prevent storage of cookies by choosing a “disable cookies” option in your browser settings. But this can limit the functionality of our Internet offers as a result.

21.- Applicable law in case of dispute and jurisdiction 

The content, operation and interpretation of this website and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Moroccan law. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts, in the event of a dispute arising out of, or in connection with this website.

This website may be accessed throughout Morocco and overseas. jYANN company makes no representation that the content of this website complies with the laws (including intellectual property laws) of any country outside Morocco. If you access this site from outside Morocco, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws in the place where you are located.