A story of a heritage passionate

Meet the founder

As the Creative Director of jYANN, Jihane Boumediane combines her passion for culture and craftsmanship with her keen eye for design. Each jYANN creation reflects her unwavering dedication to preserving the heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship while infusing it with contemporary aesthetics. Through jYANN, Jihane aims to create unique, high-end accessories that embody the spirit of Morocco and captivate discerning individuals worldwide.

With her role as the Executive Director of jYANN, Jihane’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication drive the brand forward. She envisions jYANN as not just a luxury brand but a platform that supports local artisans, celebrates their skills, and contributes to the sustainable development of the craft sector in Morocco.

Chapter 1

A legacy of a family in Marrakech

An integral part of Jihane’s journey and her deep appreciation for Moroccan craftsmanship is her beloved grandfather, Moulay Driss Boufares. Known for his exquisite taste and unwavering elegance, he captivated both Moroccan and French society with his daily attire, specifically handcrafted Moroccan traditional hats. His commitment to showcasing the artistry of local artisans became a source of inspiration for Jihane from an early age, she grew up close to her grandparents who own two riads in the old Medina of Marrakech.

riad life with the mini Mansour

Chapter 2

A women thing, from Mother to Daughter

Jihane’s deep-rooted passion for style and fashion was ignited at an early age, thanks to her mother’s influence. Jihane’s mother, having traveled to Europe since her twenties and developed a fondness for designer accessories and clothing, became a source of inspiration for her daughter. Fond memories of her mother’s trips to fashion-forward cities like Paris and Milano, returning home with new garments, left an indelible impression on Jihane.

From a young age, Jihane’s mother named Aïcha instilled in her a love for fashion, engaging her in conversations about style and exposing her to fashion magazines, today the iconic jYANN basket bag signature Aïcha, is named after Jihane’s mother, it’s a tribute to the connection between mother and daughter.


Chapitre 3

A Journey through Research and a Ph.D. Pursuit

In addition to expressing her creativity, Jihane holds a Ph.D. in management studies, with her research centering on innovations and sustainable craftsmanship. Through her academic endeavors, Jihane forges a meaningful connection between research and practical application, aligning these two realms in service to artisans and consumers alike.

Jihane stands as part of a generation of community-focused entrepreneurs, where the brand’s vision places social impact at its core. Her commitment is evident in preserving endangered crafts, empowering craftswomen, and encouraging wool felting artisans to pass down their skills to future generations.

jyann phd

Chapitre 4

Traveling the World

From an early age, Jihane embarked on a journey of exploration, traveling to leading fashion cities around the world to immerse herself in the rich artistic tapestry they offered. From Paris, Florence, New York, Dussldorf to Miami and beyond. Jihane sought inspiration from the cultural treasures housed within museums, libraries, and gardens.

Los Angeles unveiled a world of avant-garde fashion and innovative designs, while Florence captivated her with its rich history and the timeless beauty of its architecture and gardens.


jyann la story

Chapitre 5

Timeless ambitions in craftsmanship

Jihane’s unwavering commitment to bridging the old and the new, seamlessly blending ancient craftsmanship with contemporary design. Through her timeless ambitions, Jihane envisions a brand that not only pays homage to the rich cultural legacy but also pioneers a path toward a sustainable and inspiring future.

She is also the co-founding president of 1001 Artisans, an NGO supporting Moroccan artisans that promotes and highlights Moroccan craftsmanship and provides new income opportunities for women.

jyann meet the founer j


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