1.-  Presentation of jYANN’s website

The site www.jyann.com is the property of jYANN Company (LLC) Limited liability Company registered to the Central Trade Register of Marrakech – Morocco under the number 117565 whose head office is located:

at RDC Zaouia El Aabassia Deb Najem number 1, rue Boutouil magasin number 6   MARRAKECH CP 40030

The editorial director of www.jyann.com website is Mme. BOUMEDIANE Jihane.

2.- Publisher contact details

Phone number: + 212 661174957
E-mail : jboumediane@gmail.com
Director of the publication : Mme. BOUMEDIANE Jihane

3.- Hosting 

The site www.jyann.com is hosted by the company Namecheap whose registered office is at Namecheap. Inc. 4600 East Washington, Street Suite 305 Phoenix, AZ 85034 USA.

Design and production of the site: (design, graphics and IT developments): is produced by Mohamed Hallal whose head office is located in Marrakech- Tel: +212620069243 – Email address: simo.hallal96@gmail.com

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