Craftsmanship Legacy

jYANN is a sustainable brand, Made in Marrakech focused where we reunites the master artisans to handmade the most unique fashion accessories, home decor, and personalized gifts. The brand believes in a bright consumption future where people are the heart of the process and the purpose, craft-tech oriented we research, we innovate, we connect elements to make what we use, what we were more useful, sustainable and long-lasting.

Wool Felt is an endangered savoir-faire in Morocco, only 5 Artisans still masters felting. Play the video to discover within few seconds the process. We created the brand on the principle of know-how preservation and promotion. Jihane the founder of the brand observed in 2017 that felting was of the rare savoir-faire her city Marrakech holds still. Later, She discovered that felting is located in the region of Marrakech only. Promoting a such legacy was ultimate and legitimate to the founder.

Meet the process…

jYANN promotes endangered handcrafts and artisanal workers through a revolutionary and diversified product line. Clothing, accessorizing, and decorating, are the main core activities of our foundation. jYANN offers its clients a wide variety of customized products, ensuring the best quality through a lifetime experience.

Although established in 2019, jYANN is the result of years of research in art and craftsmanship. the fruitful association of heritage with innovation allows jYANN to bring in traditional designs to modern societies. Our focus relies on the unique savoir-faire of Moroccan Artisans, also known as Artists.

jYANN is a name associated with creativity, sophistication, & authenticity. The brand is bringing a vision, rooted in the long-established Moroccan culture, to the contemporary world. Our rugs, for instance, are handcrafted through ancestral techniques while inspired by real-life paintings.

jYANN believes in a better future for craftsmanship & Artisans at a time where art and culture are at the heart of Moroccan citizens and worldwide individuals who aspire to discover the Moroccan enriched culture.

jYANN’s goal is universal. We want to bring together people around what is ancestral and what is known as innovation and transformation. We believe that duality is the only way to unity, which is about a worldwide appreciation of each other’s backgrounds.

Raw Materials & Ingredients

Sheep Wool from the Atlas Mountains – Olive Soap – Water

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