At jYANN, we believe in the power of hands-on experiences to foster a deeper connection with the artistry and craftsmanship behind our creations. That’s why we organize exclusive workshops where participants can immerse themselves in the world of jYANN and personally experience the intricate crafts firsthand. From the picturesque shores of La Jolla to the enchanting streets of Paris, our workshops offer a unique opportunity for individuals to unleash their creativity and learn from skilled artisans.

In the heart of Paris, our workshop brought together individuals passionate about fashion and design. Guided by our team of experts, participants immersed themselves in the intricate techniques and exquisite details that define jYANN’s creations. From learning about the selection of materials to the art of hand-stitching and embellishments, attendees gained firsthand knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each jYANN piece. The workshop was a true celebration of creativity and collaboration, fostering an environment where participants could unlock their potential and create something truly exceptional.

During our workshop in the luxurious destination La Jolla in south California, participants had the privilege of delving into the high-end craftsmanship of wool felting, the very artistry that defines jYANN. Under the guidance of our experienced founder, attendees had the chance to create their own unique pieces, exploring the textures and colors of wool felt while embracing their own artistic expression. It was an unforgettable experience of discovery and empowerment, as women from diverse backgrounds came together to learn, share, and connect at the prestigious Hera Hub incubator and co-working space.

In addition to our workshops held in captivating locations around the world, jYANN takes great pleasure in organizing exclusive workshops in luxurious hotels nestled in the heart of Marrakech. These workshops offer a truly immersive experience, allowing participants to indulge in the rich cultural heritage and enchanting ambiance of this vibrant city.

Through our workshops, we aim to share our expertise, ignite inspiration, and cultivate a sense of community. We want individuals to not only appreciate the beauty of our products but also to understand the dedication and skill that goes into their creation. Whether in La Jolla, Paris, Marrakech or other inspiring locations around the world, our workshops are an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where creativity meets craftsmanship and dreams come to life.

In addition to our exclusive workshops for adults, jYANN takes pride in offering engaging and educational experiences for kids and teens. We are delighted to collaborate with esteemed institutions like the British Academy School of Marrakech to bring the world of craftsmanship to young minds.

To book an exclusive workshop with our founder, please contact us by email at []. We would be delighted to discuss the details and customize a unique workshop experience for you and your group. Discover the artistry of jYANN firsthand and immerse yourself in the world of luxury craftsmanship. We look forward to hearing from you and creating a memorable workshop tailored to your needs and interests.