Wool is at the heart of our activity, it’s the main fabric we work with to do handcrafted Felt, in order to create our Warm Hats or our Clutches. Since all that We Do is made in Morocco, by Moroccan gifted Artisans, the Wool we use is from the Atlas Mountains.

Atlas Mountains are a Mountain range in Maghreb, North Africa it extends for 2500 Km through Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia. The range’s highest peak is Toubkal in Southwestern Morocco with an elevation of 4,177 meters. This part of the World is primarily inhabited by Berber population. The Moroccan Atlas Mountains are composed of the high, middle and the Anti-Atlas ranges.

The wool we use for our products comes directly from some specific regions in Morocco, basically from the region of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas Mountains, from the region of Haouz in the high Atlas Mountains. Those regions are where Berber families make their living by sheep farming. To get wool from the Atlas Mountains to our Artisans in our atelier, we have two possible processes.

First, We buy directly the treated wool from our supplier who is the first distributor of wool over Morocco. Our supplier collects wool from sheep farmers all over the country, then after receiving the wool, we make sure that it’s clean and ready to get into the manual carding wool process, which is a manual process where women who work at their homes get involved. These women are very few and old but very active and friendly. They give time and energy to every hand action they do to make wool softer and ready to use on our atelier tables.

Second, Artisans who live in villages near Marrakech prefer to work at their places, they prefer to stay in their element which is simplicity and nature. Their families or friends are sheep farmers, so they get the wool from their beloved ones then they do the all process, from cleaning and treating the wool to give it colors we agreed about. After that, their wives continue the work and do the carding wool process using their hands and the manual carder to make it ready to use. Ready to be mixed to our Moroccan organic black soap.

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