Warm Hats

The Warm Hats Collection is designed for women who want to show their full potential, their femininity and strength at the same time. We clam the modern femininity, the new way women want to feel, live and work. Some will tell you it’s a cowgirl style, others will see the classy woman you are. We say you’re both.

The Warm Hat is a result of a long craft process, each item is fully handcrafted, there is no trace of sewing, the product is collected thanks to the hard work of our Master Artisan. Then, the item goes to our trimming workshop in other to design the necklace accessory for each hat. We choose colors, designs & fabrics very carefully to make each « felt hat » a work of art adapted to all eras. Its destiny is to be ”Vintage ». 

We invite our clients to live an experience, instead of just buying a Hat. The experience is to put on your head what a human-made, giving it time, energy & love, with patience, perseverance & pleasure. It’s very unique when you can wear the best what a hand can make, somehow especially for you. Buy buying our articles you contribute to creating better opportunities for craftsmen and craftswomen.

Our Priority is to bridge the gap between history & present.


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