“It all begins while touching the wool, admiring the beautiful colors of some handmade felt products I discovered by pure coincidence in my city Marrakech”

Let life surprise you!

JYANN is meant to reinvent the way of using wool in felt craftsmanship. The wool is a very warm material, that can bring different styles to each single product, especially if it’s handcrafted creations, when Artisans can make very chic, unique and unforgettable pieces of art, using fabrics from nature and simple ingredients with many hours of work, focus and determination to deliver handcrafted items inspired from our own spirit & culture.

Working on such a segment is a choice founded on many reasons. First, the felt artisans are very few, this craft is very endangered in Morocco. Second, artisans who still do felt live in basic and sometimes bad living conditions, some of them are very poor and live in disadvantaged regions. Third, JYANN has the ambition to reinvent the felt craft by creating very limited pieces but very unique, chic & well-designed. 

Our priorities are our artisan’s future, innovation & the tailored handmade. JYANN is about a very distinguished niche “The handmade lovers”, people who consider artisans and show respect for what a woman or a man does and make to deliver the best a hand can give, from a human to another human. We invite you to live and enjoy an experience instead of buying an item, our doors are always open if you want to discover our atelier and the way we work together in order to create items that will last forever, we call it  The Future Vintage. 

” Artisan is in physical, mental & spiritual contact with his work of art, at the same time delighted to attribute them to his customers and unhappy to part with them.”


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