Aïcha Basket


Aïcha felt basket is a seamless & handmade bag which’s created in a combination of ancestral wool felting methods and innovation. The shape is unique and smart since it can carries even your laptop (13″ to 15″).

A basket bag is most of the time a good idea specially when the color is flashy enough to add more character to your outfit. You can also custom your bag and choose your color preference : All you have to do is to text us by clicking on the link below “Question ?” then let us know about your favorite color and we will proceed. It take us 15 days to make a such custom “for you” bag, the shipping is express through DHL.

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Aïcha basket is a handmade and lightweight bag, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship to carry on a daily basis, the tote bag can carry your laptop bag, documents, and any makeup kit, etc. Our handmade bags are made following ancestral methods mixed with a sustainable process where we respect all the stakeholders who’re being part of our ecosystem including craftswomen, craftsmen, cooperatives & NGOs like the crafts training centers we’re collaborating with. We guarantee the following characteristics :

  • 100% Wool Felt
  • Handcrafted
  • Seamless
  • Bag pouch

The Aïcha basket is handcrafted in jYANN atelier in Marrakech if you’re and if you’re willing to visit Marrakech, We’d love to have at the studio to get in touch with the process and collections.

  • Bag dimensions : 40 x 45 x 10 Cm
  • Weight : 250 Gr
  • Condition : New & Handmade
  • Category : Basket bag


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