Meet Our Founder

Jihane Boumediane, a native of Marrakech, serves as the Creative Director and Executive Director of jYANN. Born and raised in this culturally vibrant city, her deep connection to Moroccan high-end craftsmanship stems from her upbringing in a traditional Riad within the Medina. Jihane’s family proudly owns one of the few remaining large Riads that is still in the hands of a Moroccan family, further fostering her passion for preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of her hometown.

An integral part of Jihane’s journey and her deep appreciation for Moroccan craftsmanship is her beloved grandfather, Moulay Driss Boufares. Known for his exquisite taste and unwavering elegance, he captivated both Moroccan and French society with his daily attire, specifically handcrafted Moroccan traditional hats. His commitment to showcasing the artistry of local artisans became a source of inspiration for Jihane from an early age.

Chapter 1 : A legacy of a family

Jihane’s grandfather, with his discerning eye and refined sense of style, forged close relationships with the master artisans who brought his vision to life. He played an active role in supervising the renovations of his Riad, ensuring that every detail showcased the unparalleled craftsmanship that Morocco is renowned for. His outfits were meticulously tailored and custom-made by these skilled artisans, emphasizing the value he placed on preserving and promoting their craft.

Today, Jihane carries the legacy of her grandfather’s elegance and his commitment to supporting local artisans. Through jYANN, she pays homage to his devotion to craftsmanship, infusing her designs with the same level of dedication, attention to detail, and respect for the heritage of Moroccan artisans. It is through her grandfather’s influence and their shared appreciation for the mastery of traditional techniques that jYANN flourishes as a brand that celebrates the timeless beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Jihane’s vision for jYANN is rooted in showcasing the finest Moroccan craftsmanship. Her upbringing in the Riad, surrounded by the artistic legacy of her ancestors, has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the intricate details and timeless beauty of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.

Chapter 2 : A women thing, from Mother to Daughter

Jihane’s deep-rooted passion for style and fashion was ignited at an early age, thanks to her mother’s influence. Jihane’s mother, having traveled to Europe in her twenties and developed a fondness for designer accessories and clothing, became a source of inspiration for her daughter. Fond memories of her mother’s trips to fashion-forward cities like Paris and Madrid, returning home with new garments, left an indelible impression on Jihane.

From a young age, Jihane’s mother named Aïcha instilled in her a love for fashion, engaging her in conversations about style and exposing her to fashion magazines such as Vogue France, Marie Claire, and Paris Match. These magazines became gateways to the world of fashion, where Jihane would spend countless hours immersed in the captivating images and the latest trends. She was especially enthralled by the iconic looks of Princess Diana, eagerly devouring the latest news and fashion features.

Chapter 3 : The dreams of a new generation

Jihane’s pursuit of knowledge and commitment to the craft sector is exemplified through her ongoing Ph.D. research. Her studies focus on exploring the impact of innovations and consumer behavior on craft products. Through her research, she seeks to understand how innovation can drive positive change within the craft industry, ultimately benefiting artisans and enriching their practices.

As the Creative Director of jYANN, Jihane combines her passion for culture and craftsmanship with her keen eye for design. Each jYANN creation reflects her unwavering dedication to preserving the heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship while infusing it with contemporary aesthetics. Through jYANN, Jihane aims to create unique, high-end accessories that embody the spirit of Morocco and captivate discerning individuals worldwide.

With her role as the Executive Director of jYANN, Jihane’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication drive the brand forward. She envisions jYANN as not just a luxury brand but a platform that supports local artisans, celebrates their skills, and contributes to the sustainable development of the craft sector in Morocco.

Jihane Boumediane’s journey from the Riad in the Medina to the helm of jYANN represents a profound love for her heritage and an unwavering commitment to showcasing the excellence of Moroccan craftsmanship. Through her leadership, jYANN aims to elevate the artistry of Morocco and introduce the world to the captivating beauty of Moroccan high-end craftsmanship.

Chapter 4 : Traveling the World to always come back home with new ideas

From an early age, Jihane Boumediane embarked on a journey of exploration, traveling to leading fashion cities around the world to immerse herself in the rich artistic tapestry they offered. From Paris to New York, Miami to Florence, Cologne, and beyond, Jihane sought inspiration from the cultural treasures housed within museums, libraries, and gardens.

Each city she visited became a wellspring of creativity, igniting her passion and shaping her artistic vision. In Paris, she wandered through the hallowed halls of renowned museums, drawing inspiration from the masterpieces that adorned their walls. In New York, she delved into the eclectic energy of the city, discovering hidden gems in libraries and vibrant street art that fueled her imagination. Los Angeles unveiled a world of avant-garde fashion and innovative design, while Florence captivated her with its rich history and the timeless beauty of its architecture and gardens. Cologne provided a glimpse into the world of contemporary art and design, adding a modern twist to her creative repertoire.

Chapter 5 : A mission to preserve and innovate while audacity is a must

These experiences shaped Jihane’s unique perspective, influencing her approach to design and infusing her creations with a global essence. The cities she explored became an integral part of her artistic journey, weaving their influences into the very fabric of jYANN’s aesthetic.

As the founder of jYANN, Jihane channels the spirit of these fashion capitals into every collection, capturing the essence of her global encounters and translating them into refined and distinctive accessories. Her travels have not only nurtured her creativity but have also allowed her to forge connections with like-minded individuals, collaborate with talented artisans, and foster a network of inspiration that spans the globe. She believes in the power of joining forces between the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary.

Today, jYANN stands as a testament to Jihane Boumediane’s lifelong pursuit of beauty and her tireless exploration of leading fashion cities. It is through her passion for discovery and her reverence for the diverse cultures that jYANN continues to redefine luxury, infusing each creation with a fusion of global influences and timeless elegance.