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Marrakech, the Everyday Lifestyle

Marrakech attracts people worldwide. Authenticity, history, & mystery are facts. Despite the latter, sometimes visitors might feel and see intimacy, as a local does on a daily basis, while visiting Marrakech. In this post, jYANN shows you the spots you can visit to live the Marrakech experience, in a “very authentic” way. Yassine Moustanjidi, a brilliant architect and my work partner in 1001 ARTISANS, immortalized those moments by taking various photos representing the Moroccan history & savoir-vivre.

The jYANN story started in those places where I used to leave our Riad to go shopping in Souks with my Grandmother, or when I used to visit artisans and craft sellers while walking by the beautiful ancestral monuments that speak about the glory of the 4 dynasties that decided to make Marrakech what it currently is.

Marrakech weather is perfect, mostly sunny during the whole year. Marrakech’s four seasons are never the same; the vibes constantly change depending on what are you looking for. If you are looking to have fun you will find it, and if you are looking for calm you will find it as well!

The first stop of the Marrakech journey is the “Chroub ou Choub” Foutain, where citizens and tourists stop to hydrate themselves while enjoying the beauty of this majestic source of water. It remains one of the two oldest Marrakech’s fountains beside “Mouassin Foutain”.

The fountain was erected during the Saadian dynasty period when Marrakech was the capital of Morocco, and closely resembled other Saadian fountains like the oldest wall fountain in the city “Mouassin Fountain”. Although the date and founder of the structure are not directly identified, some attribute the fountain to the reign of Sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur (1578-1603). The name of the fountain today means “drink and look” in Moroccan Arabic or Darija dialect, which means that you should admire the fountain while drinking from its water.

The second stop is “Ben Youssef Souk” to buy fresh fruits while having a conversation with local sellers. Remember that you can enjoy the fruits of the season as a snack while walking.

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The third stop is “Zaouia de Sidi Bel Abbès”, an Islamic religious & cultural complex where craftsmanship speaks for itself.

Yassine Moustanjidi has got the eye to photograph the lifestyle of people living in Marrakech, the old Médina. His passion for photography develops into art. Yassine often speaks about himself as not being professional, but I guess it’s what good artists say! You can find some of his work on his Instagram page:

The last stop is a Rooftop or a Coffee shop in “Rahba Lkdima” where you can enjoy a joyful combination of Vitamins C & D.

jYANN is having the pleasure to suggest to you places you can visit in the ocher city to enjoy its charm. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the topic, please comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer myself. Please always remember that Marrakech and its people are warm, generous, & funny! You will always be welcome!

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