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Felt is a dense fabric, non-woven and without any warp or weft. However, must fabrics are woven and constructed on a loom and have an interlocking warp and weft fibers that create a flat piece of fabric. Our felt is made using wool. Felt may be the oldest fabric known to humans, and there’re many old references to felt in ancient writings. Since felt isn’t woven and doesn’t require a loom for its production, ancient human made it rather easily.

Felt has some very specific characteristics which make it a very protective and safe fabric for people and our planet. If well used it can at the same time provide warmness, protection, and sophistication to women and men. The main characteristics are the following :

  • Made of 100% Wool
  • Naturally repels dirt and water
  • Protects from cold and insulates heat
  • Doesn’t necesserarly require washing

To carry on our felt articles, either its accessories or either its clothes, we invite you to take between consideration these following actions :

  • Let air-dry if moist or wet
  • Wipe off spills immediately
  • Remove food stains by scraping
  • Can wash by hand following washing wool instructions
  • Do not let soak for long periods of time
  • Squeeze extra water off
  • Shape damp felt and dry flat
  • Cannot be bleached

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