Workshop with jYANN at the Atelier

You can book a workshop to spend 2 hours with master artisans and learn how to make you own product!

jYANN highlights the Moroccan endangered savoir-faire by connecting ancestral technics to innovations the world needs today. The universe of fashion & interior design has evolved through the years to become a fast fashion phenomenal that’s destroying the rules of elegancy. Elegance is everything authentic, mysterious and sophisticated, which takes time to dream of, think of then create following very strict know-how that includes necessarily Artisans.

YANN wants to bring you closer to our creative & eco-friendly Atelier where we site all together as designers, artisans, apprentices and visitors to celebrate craftsmanship & art.

jYANN believes in the magic of the handmade and the superiority of basic fabrics we bring from nature. Exactly like wool, raphia, wood & leather to create elegant and original accesories, clothes and decorations.

Join us by being part of the group, join us to experience some hours at our Atelier where you can understand and practice some meaningful crafts.

To book your experience, we invite you to fullfil the following form :


We cant wait to connect to you through craftsmanship & Moroccan savoir-vivre.

“Le savoir-vivre est l’art de ne pas montrer trop vite son savoir-faire.”

De Georges-Armand Masson