Since our inception, jYANN has launched captivating collections inspired by the vibrant essence of Marrakech. Our first collection, the Fall and Winter 2019/2020 line, explored the enchanting colors found within the emblematic gardens of Marrakech, translated into the medium of wool felt.

Drawing inspiration from my immersive experiences in the Majorelle Garden and the secret garden in the Medina, I spent countless hours observing the nature palette that defines Marrakech. The result was a collection that harmoniously blended the rich hues of the gardens with the luxurious textures of wool felt.

Our Spring and Summer 2021 collection embraced the warmth and lightweight allure of the Moroccan summer. To champion sustainability, we focused on utilizing eco-friendly materials sourced locally. Palm leaves from the Moroccan desert, known for their durability and versatility, were intricately woven into our designs. Additionally, we incorporated elements of orange tree wood, renowned for its natural beauty and organic appeal. Cotton knitting yards further elevated the collection, offering breathability and comfort. The Spring and Summer 2020 line reflected our commitment to both style and environmental consciousness, as we celebrated the natural treasures of Morocco.

Each collection we launch at jYANN tells a unique story, capturing the essence of our brand and the spirit of Marrakech. We are continuously inspired by the beauty of our surroundings, and we strive to create pieces that embody the cultural richness and craftsmanship that make Morocco so special.