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  • How to Carry Felt

    How to Carry On Felt?

    Felt is a dense fabric, non-woven and without any warp or weft. However, must fabrics are woven and constructed on a loom and have an interlocking warp and weft fibers that create a flat piece of fabric. Our felt is…

  • What's Felt ?

    What’s Felt ‚Äč?

    Wool is an eco-friendly fabric for humanity. Wool is very useful, protective and a warm fabric that was woven into cloth here in the Bronze Age which began about 1900 BC. However, primitive man had domesticated the sheep in 10…

  • Fabrics from Nature

    Moroccan Black Soap

    The Black soap “Savon Noir” is originally from Morocco, North Africa. Universally known for its natural composition. It is made from a blend of oil and crushed black olives. It is one of the products used in the oriental cosmetics…

  • Fabrics from Nature

    Wool from the Atlas Mountains

    Pictures Credit to Dr Sal Z. Wool is at the heart of our activity, it’s the main fabric we work with to do handcrafted Felt, in order to create our Warm Hats or our Clutches. Since all what We…

  • Sustainable Fashion

    Sustainable Fashion

    We believe in Fashion that stays for too long. Our planet, future generation & all the ecosystem need us to be conscience then responsible when it comes to what we wear. Our perspective is ethical & simple “The Futur Vintage”…

  • Stories,  Sustainable Fashion

    JYANN’s Story

    It all begins while touching the wool, admiring the beautiful colors of handmade felt products in one of the very few felt shops in the ocher city, Marrakech… ” Artisan is in physical, mental and emotional contact with his work…